Monday, January 30, 2012

The Bucket List

I'm finally going to get this planning to plan thing underway. I know it's not February yet, but I think it would probably make sense to make a list of what I want to do. Also, if I post the list here I'll feel compelled to go through it and actually plan.
Here it goes (in no specific order):
1. Ride a motorcycle
2. Hike part of the Appalachian trail
3. Camp in the Pine Barrens
4. Visit haunted sites in NJ
5. Work on an H4H build
6. Go Bungee Jumping
7. Go rock climbing
8. Read Harry Potter
9. Buy a (mountain) bike
10. Go spelunking
11. Watch the original Star Wars episodes
12. Roadtrip
13. Attend a Supernatural Convention
14. Learn how to fly a plane
15. Run a 5k
16. Do Relay for Life
17. Donate blood
18. Learn to do some work on a car
19. Go to New Orleans
20. Own a car with personality
21. Play human flag football
22. Learn how to fight
23. Learn how to make Pecan Pie
24. Be part of a flash mob
25. Learn how to play the Blues Rhythm
26. Learn HTML5
27. Crotchet a scarf
28. See the sunset on the West Coast

That would be my list so far. I might strike some things later, but more than likely I'll be adding.
February is going to be so much fun!!
So Much Fun

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