Friday, December 9, 2011

Those promised picture(s) of my Gingerbread house!

Sophia and I made it and it's as much hers as mine. She's the genius that made the huge rainbow tree and the Santa-Bulls-eye (it's the santa in the lollipop) and the candycane heart on the back you can't see (I'll try to get a pic of it eventually).
A photographer actually came up to comment on our house while we were making it and all he could say was "well it's colorful" then he looked at the lollipop and just couldn't get any words out. So Sophia stepped in and said "That? That is Artistic Inspiration at its finest."
He just nodded, but then we all laughed because, come on, Narnia is ridiculous and we know it. But it was so much fun to make!!
(Minus the mini-war Sophia and I had while making it. we just kept putting random candy into each other's water glass. Somehow, mine turned purple and none of the candy was purple...)
Merry Holiday!

Narnia :)

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